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All-You-Need, at a fixed monthly price!

  • 15 September 2016
  • Sonja Remkes

We were there right from the start, with our business VoIP platform in the Netherlands. In the ensuing twelve years, our telephony services underwent rapid development. As more and more possibilities and functionalities were added to our business telephony, it...

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Ghost calls: how do you get rid of them?

  • 17 October 2016
  • Sonja Remkes

At the gnTel support department, we regularly receive queries from users who keep getting ‘ghost calls,’ typically several times in a row. Such calls have a unconventional and invalid sender number (frequently 100, 101 or 1000) and when one picks...

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Dit weekend vindt er gepland onderhoud plaats aan de Provisioning Interface. Tussen zaterdagnacht 21 januari 00:00 en zondagochtend 06:00 zal de Provisioning Interface enige tijd niet bereikbaar zijn. Uiteraard heeft dit geen gevolgen voor het platform en blijven alle klanten...

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Datacenters gnTel ISO Gecertificeerd

  • 5 February 2018
  • beheerder

Als ondernemer is het van groot belang om te kunnen vertrouwen op jouw telefonie-omgeving.  gnTel werkt met veel data van externe partijen van zowel servicepartners als eindklanten. Wij zijn ons ervan bewust dat deze externe data van onze partners en...

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Ten advantages of VoIP

  • 21 September 2016
  • Erik Brokkaar

If you switch to internet-based business telephony – VoIP –it’s not just much cheaper. There are many more surprising advantages. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It is a collective term for all internet-based speech telecommunications. Because virtually every...

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Scrum, how does it work?

  • 7 September 2016
  • Gerhard Top

Had a great time this Summer surfing in France. Then, while driving home from Bordeaux, while the kids were in back watching a DVD and my wife was beside me, engrossed in a book, I listened intently to an audio...

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