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This month calls already

Arrange your telephony in three steps


Select your package

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You make a few simple choices. Within a few minutes, you have a clear view on the costs of your chosen package.


(Short) welcome call

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Shortly thereafter, we ring you up (briefly) to make sure you have exactly what you need and that it’s all working properly.



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If you have new numbers and are using our app, you're already good to go. Otherwise: within a few days.


of our hosted VoIP services

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Easy self-installation
Whether you’re a start-up business, or a large organisation: it’s easy to adjust your reachability using your browser. Want to have several phones ring simultaneously? This is accomplished with a few clicks.

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Free numbers
When switching to gnTel, it’s easy to take your existing numbers with you, entirely free of charge. We can help you ensure your new contract does not start until your old one has expired. Need new numbers? These are conveniently included in the price.

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Flat rate option for call costs
You can opt for variable costs, or a flat rate. Both are economical, but with the flat rate, you also have the benefit of a predictable bill.

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Your desk phone goes mobile
With the gnTel app, you’ll receive incoming calls to your terrestrial number on your mobile. With the quality you’re accustomed to. You can also make outgoing calls via your terrestrial number with the app – via your contacts. If so desired, you can even dispense with your desk phone entirely.

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Several locations. One call plan.
Whether you have several offices, or employees who work from home, you can adjust your reachability to fit your organisation. And you always have a clear picture of what’s happening.

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Local service partners
From our welcome call to delivery and thereafter, you can always count on expert help and advice from our service partners near you. Whenever you’re ready, our experienced service partners will be ready for you. Practical, helpful, knowledgeable.

Already convinced?

All the functions you need

For now, or later: everything for one price


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Redirect calls flexibly. Manually or automatically. For example, if you’re unable to take a call or if it’s your day off.

Online management

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Flexibly set users reachability and rights. Users can adjust their own reachability and phones online.

The gnTel App

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The gnTel enables you to call and be called via your fixed-line number. You can also dispense with your fixed-line phone, if so desired.

Free seating

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There’s no longer a need to be bound to one workstation - you can take your number with you to any phone at your company.

Telephone book

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Calling your colleagues directly from your online telephone book or immediately see who’s calling. Synchronising contact details? No problem.

CRM pop-up

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With the CRM pop-up, you can always see, by means of your customer information system, who is calling. Call with one mouse click.

Click 2 dial

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Call via your browser, with one mouse click – easy to activate. No longer necessary to enter a number manually.


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Send and receive faxes via the internet. Increasingly in use by companies. Handy if you still need it.


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Give callers the option to leave a message. You can also send your voicemails to your e-mail, to make sure you never miss one.

Audio files

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Record and play-back messages flexibly, for example, as welcoming messages or temporary messages in connection with campaigns.


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Clear, instant insight into your reachability and outgoing calls. Flexibly adjustable for each number, group or period.

International calls

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Low-cost international calling. Telephoning free of charge with your offices abroad. Or arrange for a foreign number.

Intercom and public-address functions

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Open a door remotely using your telephone, make video calls, or use your company’s fixed-line phones as a public-address system.

Telephone conferencing

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Conference calls with several persons simultaneously. Ideal for consultation between different company offices.

Telephone numbers

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All kinds of telephone numbers are available, regional numbers as well as foreign numbers or special numbers.

Contented customers

and their service partners

About gnTel

Our platform was originally built based on KPN Research and TNO, We were (probably) the first fully-fledged hosted VoIP platform in the Netherlands.

Although we are no longer a start-up company, we still feel like one. We enjoy being able to make customers happy, and keep building new features to make them even happier. For a look behind the scenes and what generally keeps us busy, see our most recent blogs …

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Solid platform

Our customers find our platform solid and stable.
Platform availability: 99.,99%.

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Maximum protection

We have developed specific technological solutions and organised everything so robustly that both you, and we, are assured maximum protection from abuse.

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All servers in the Netherlands

No external interference. Your privacy is guaranteed. Our platform is protected by European privacy legislation.

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Twelve years’ experience

More than 100 service partners and 3,000 customers, from start-up companies to the European offices of listed companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I calculate how many lines I need?

FlexPBX is limited as to the number of simultaneous external calls it supports. The number of internal calls is not limited within FlexPBX. Just as with a physical switchboard. Under normal office use, you can expect to need five sets per external telephone line. Meaning that in that situation, FlexPBX 8 can be used for 5 x 8 = 40 workstations.

Can I also fax online with All-You-Need?

Yes, that’s possible. You can both receive and send faxes. The costs come to € 6 per month, including an extra telephone number. Please note, however, that, if you don’t really need fax, we would advise against having it. The fact is that all operators are finding it increasing difficult to send faxes problem-free, due to their increasing use of digital networks. If you still use fax frequently, our advice is to keep an analogue line – for as long as it’s possible.

Can I manage my All-You-Need telephony system online?

Yes. You’ll have online access to your All-You-Need online switchboard.

What if I move?

If you move, All-You-Need cloud telephony will automatically move with you. All you need to do is connect your sets to your internet connection at your new location.

How much bandwidth do I need?

Per call, you’ll need 100 kb/s for both uploading and downloading. Meaning that, with an internet connection speed of 2 Mbit/s, you can realise twenty calls simultaneously.

Is there an additional charge if I want to use extra functions later?

No, the idea is precisely that you can use all of our platform’s features with complete freedom. So if you need something extra, it’s ready for you to implement, at no additional cost.

Which sets can be used with All-You-Need?

Any set that can be used with VoIP and which the SIP protocol supports.

Can you also use AYN for more than one office and for employees working from home?

Yes, it can be used for several offices and/or employees working from home. Because your switchboard is online, your phones can be registered via the internet, from different locations.

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